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Invite Codes

An invite code is a unique series of six numbers and letters that Admins give supporters to let them instantly join a campaign by tapping the + button on the Campaign Manager screen in the app or simply visiting a special link that contains the code. Admins can generate, delete, or review invite codes on the Invite Codes admin screen.

Please note that this feature is only available on Reach Complete and Reach Movement campaigns. If you’d like to upgrade in order to access this or other features, please contact us at [email protected]

Generating New Codes

From the Invite Codes screen, tap the blue “Generate New Code” button in the top right to open up a New Invite Code dialog box.

Here, you will label your invite code, set an expiration date/time, and set the number of slots available. The default number is 100, but the number of slots here can be customized.

Try labeling the code based on how it will be used or who it will be given to. This way, you’ll remember when/where your users signed up!

Image: the window that comes up when you tap on the "Generate New Code" button in the top-right corner of the "Manage Invite Codes" screen.
The “New Invite Code” window.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to view a list of which users joined using specific invite codes, you can use the Exports page in the Admin Dashboard to export a User list (see “About the Export Screen” article for details).

Using Invite Codes

There are two ways people can use your invite codes:

Direct Entry

Invite codes can be shared as a simple 6-character code and any Reach user can tap the “+” button in their Campaigns screen in the app and enter your code to join your campaign. This is great for sharing the code by posting it on the wall of the office or printing it on lit or signage at a rally or while canvassing. Not that invite codes should not be confused with Authentication Codes which are the 7-digit numerical codes which we automatically text to a user’s phone number whenever they’re logging into Reach. If someone tells you your invite code isn’t working, but you know it’s active, make sure they’re not confused and trying to enter it as an authentication code.

Codes can be shared as specially-formatted links which you can then send to potential users via any digital means like text messages, email, or group chat. Anyone who clicks on your link will arrive at the Reach web app in their browser (whether or not that also have the app installed on their phone). If they are not already logged into the web app, they will have to log in or make an account and when they do, they will be automatically added to your campaign.

Sharing Invite Codes

From the Invite Code admin screen, you can tap the “Share” button next to the code here:

Invite Code Share Button Screenshot

When you do, you’ll see the Share Invite Code pop-up which will let you quickly copy the code as a normal code or as a link.

Invite Code Share Modal Screenshot

Invite Code States

When you first create an invite code, it is considered Active. This means it can be used to join your campaign. It has slots remaining and it has not yet reached its expiration date.

Once all of the slots for an invite code are used, the code is then Depleted. In your Invite Code screen, the code itself will be greyed out with a strikethrough, and the Slots Used number will be red.

Once a code has passed its expiration date and time, the code is Expired. The code will be greyed out with a strikethrough, and the expiration date will be red.

Expired and depleted codes will be displayed in separate sections but they will not be used for actually joining your campaign. Any invite code in any state (active, expired, or depleted) can be deleted using the red trash icon in its row.

To change your Invite Codes Screen views, you can toggle between displaying Active, Depleted, Expired, and All codes, and you can sort your invite code list using any of the columns. You can also search for an invite code by Label, Code, or Generated By in the search bar in the upper right hand corner.


Be cautious and aware of where you share invite codes because anyone in possession of an active code will be able to use it. You can always remove a user (see the “Manage Users” article), but you’ll be much better off if your invite code is only shared with trusted friends of your campaign. You can delete an invite code at any time to make it no longer active.

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