Released December 19, 2019

Lots of new stuff, especially for admins. You can now communicate with your users via Push Notifications from Reach and you can manage your My Network relationship types right from the app!

For Users

  • There is a new “Mx.” prefix option when editing the name of an added person.
  • Major accessibility improvements for our users who use screen readers.
  • The Smart App Banner for iOS will remind you about the native app if you’re using the web app on your iPhone.
  • The full screen pop-ups in the app are now a bit more fun to use. You can see the context behind them and you swipe them down out of the way. So swipey!
  • The Rankings screen loads faster and more smoothly as you switch back and forth between tabs.
  • It was sometimes possible to see the wrong name when editing the name of an added person.

For Admins

  • Network Admin: You can now fully control and customize the My Network feature. You can decide whether new relationships are all automatically listed as one default type or whether your users can pick from a list of relationship types and you can build that list! You can also disable the feature entirely if you hate friends and family. And winning. Read more about the Network Admin screen in our knowledge base here.
  • Push Notifications: Ever wish you could just get the word out to all your volunteers and encourage them to keep using Reach and contacting more voters or give them updates from the campaign? Now you can! Send push notifications to all your users right from a new admin screen!
  • Invite Links: If you liked Invite Codes, you’re gonna love Invite Links! Now, every invite code also works as a link. Just add your code to the end of a URL like https://app.reach.vote/#/j/{YOUR CODE HERE} and it will allow anyone who clicks the link to be automatically added to your campaign as soon as they log in or create an account on the web app.
  • Revamped Survey Question Response Options: We have reworked the way you set up and edit single choice and multiple choice survey questions. Now, you can drag-and-drop to rearrange response options and use a new “Clear All” button to start over if you don’t like how your question is turning out. You can also now edit the label of a response option without the app getting confused by previously-saved responses with the old wording. Use this to fix typos or clarify your response options without changing their underlying meaning. Also note that you can now only add additional response options in bulk – you cannot edit or remove existing responses using the bulk window.
  • Response List Exports now include a “Choice ID” column which will let you map the responses that have been saved without depending on the label (which could change). These choices are UUIDs. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it!

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