Release Notes


Released April 22, 2022 in the App Store and Play Store

Fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to fly into the future – distributed Voter Registration is now available directly in Reach! Registering voters is a core part of many organizing programs, whether it’s nonpartisan outreach or a progressive electoral campaign. We’re bringing you a fully integrated voter registration experience in which registering voters is now a seamless part of your in-person canvassing or relational organizing work.

Whenever an organizer creates a Reach Add in a Reach campaign that has voter registration enabled, they’ll see a brand new option to register that person to vote. Depending on the US State the voter is in, the organizer will see different registration options that are legally available in their state. Reach will then guide users through a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style step-by-step registration pipeline. Organizers can also go back to previously created Reach Adds and start those voter registrations too! When Reach gets the latest voter file update from your data source, we’ll automatically reconcile all submitted registrations against the voter file and let you know who’s registered so you can bring those newly registered voters into your GOTV plan.

In addition to this game-changing upgrade, we’ve also brought in a few other changes to the Campaign Directory, plus various improvements and bug fixes.

For Users

  • Register voters directly in Reach! Whenever you’re creating a Reach Add, if your campaign has enabled voter registration, you can start registering that person to vote. This comes with two new screens to track your progress:
    • On the Person Profile screen for Reach Adds, there’s a new tab for Voter Registration where you can start registering someone to vote, as well as track that person through the registration process by completing steps and sending reminders.
    • In My Reach, there’s a new Voter Registration tab where you can see every single person you’re registering to vote, along with detailed information on the status of that registration, the registration type you’re using (like paper forms versus an online form), plus options to send reminders to voters who need to complete part of their registration.
  • On the Campaign Directory landing pages, you can now easily see which other campaigns are in the same organization or linked to the campaign you’re viewing.
  • We’ve added a confirmation modal when you remove someone from your network to make it more difficult to do this by accident.
  • On Android, the status bar text was sometimes he wrong color. Status bar spacing should be more consistent on Android

For Admins

  • You can now enable Voter Registration in your Reach campaign! Just email [email protected] to request turning on this brand new feature.
  • The new VR feature means you’re getting two new exports to track all this progress:
    • Pipeline Instances: This export includes one row for each of your users’ voter registration pipeline instances. Each time they begin the registration of a new voter, that is considered an “instance” of a pre-defined “pipeline”. The pipelines themselves are maintained by Reach but the instances are created and updated by your users as they use the app. Instances give you a good overview of your voter registration work as a snapshot in time. For more detailed reporting, you’ll want to combine this export with the Pipeline Transitions export as well.
    • Pipeline Transitions: This export will give you a detailed look at the granular user activity on your voter registration pipelines. A pipeline “transition” is the user action that moved a pipeline from one state to the next. If a user indicates in Reach that they handed someone a voter registration, collected that form, and then submitted it at the county office, that was three separate pipeline transitions. This export lets you see all of them.
  • On the user groups list, it is now more clear which groups were created via our API.
  • Date inputs on smart tag criteria builder have been improved.
  • We’ve made a more explicit “Warning” message about setting per-User Group question set visibility rules.
  • Making edits in admin more reliably updates the Updated On timestamp of various objects.


Released March 8, 2022 over the air

For Users

  • When you’re on Android of web, we now ask you to confirm that you’ve completed contact actions like sending a text or an email. On all platforms we ask you to confirm that you’ve made a phone call. This will help your campaign better keep track of the work you’re doing on their behalf.
  • Shrunk the size of the back arrow on the Campaign Directory screen to make it look better.
  • We’ve made the contact action buttons on the person screen a little larger and easier to tap.
  • The color gradient under numerical scale questions was no aligned properly so you were not able to see the whole thing.
  • The divider on the Network screen quick filter bar was sometimes showing when it wasn’t needed.

For Admins

  • You can now set up Question Set visibilities per user group from User Groups admin.
  • You can now type to filter by phone number on the Users and Pending Invites admin screens.
  • When you open a side drawer in admin, we now auto-focus the first input and have better keyboard accessibility in the drawer.
  • The Save button while editing campaign keys was always disabled.
  • We eliminated some extra spacing on the campaign settings admin screen.


Released February 24, 2022 over the air

For Users

  • We now prevent you from entering dashes in your authentication code.
  • For people with more than one phone number, you were unable to select the second one when inviting them to join your campaign.

For Admins

  • Link Campaign Keys to User Groups
  • Reach Basics campaigns now have access to the Pending Invites admin screen!
  • You can no longer start or end your campaign name with space.
  • When you rename your campaign, it will update the breadcrumb bar at the top of the screen right away.
  • For Basics campaigns, the lack of user groups is more smoothly accounted for on the user admin drawer.


Released February 16, 2022 over the air

Gather yer groupies cuz it’s User Group time!

For Users

Nothing in this version.

For Admins

  • Make and manage User Groups from the new User Groups Admin screen.
  • Assign and remove users from groups directly from the drawer in Users Admin.


Released February 14, 2022 over the air

Happy Valentine’s Day! We didn’t get you flowers or candy, but we did get you these bug fixes and improvements!

For Users

  • The Quick Filters bar on the Campaign Directory and the Network screens now have dividers between the sections, making it easier to use.
  • When filtering the Directory on web, it was possible to scroll the headers and close button up out of view.
  • When first making your account and joining your first campaign, you may not have seen colored Primary Question bars in search results until after tapping into a voter.
  • Issues with keyboard on Android during account creation.
  • Issues with Android being unable to scroll the contact list during Contact import.

For Admins

  • We’ve condensed the users admin screen so it fits better on small windows.


Released January 31, 2022 in the App Store and Play Store

Check out the new Reach Campaign Directory!

For Users

  • The new Campaign Directory is your way to browse, explore, and join Reach campaigns.
  • You can now long-press on a message in Reach chat to Flag it for moderation.
  • Fixed a crash with certain contact scripts.
  • Status bar spacing should be more consistent on Android

For Admins

  • We’ve improved the layout of the directory admin screen and added more helpful information about the YouTube video Link.
  • In some cases, new filters on the Pending Invites and Users Screen were saying “Undefined”


Released January 13, 2022 over-the-air

Enjoy some new admin freshness to start off the new year!

For Users

Nothing in this version

For Admins

  • Public Campaign Directory Settings: This new section of the Campaign Settings Admin screen lets you add and edit lots of new details about your campaign including social media links, a description, a tag line, custom per-campaign logos (if your organization allows it), and even a YouTube video. All of this will make your campaign standup in the upcoming Campaign Directory! Configure your campaign now so you’re ready for the Directory going live soon!
  • “Invite Codes” are now “Campaign Keys”. We have renamed Invite Codes to avoid confusion between “Invite Codes” and “Auth/Security Codes”. Campaign Keys have all the same great features of invite codes, but will hopefully be a little less confusing to your users.


Released January 3, 2022 over-the-air

Enjoy some new admin freshness to start off the new year!

For Users

  • A little bit of cleanup where styling was making the quick-filter bar and modal on the My Network screen hard to user.

For Admins

  • Offline Data Admin Screen: This new admin screen lets you take advantage of Reach’s advanced offline features much more easily than ever before. Now, you can generate your own Offline Data Sets from this screen and they will be available for your users to download and use when canvassing offline.
  • Pending Invites Admin screen. This new admin screen gives you a way to see all the phone numbers which have been invited to join your Reach campaign. You can re-send the text message reminder if you like, or remove the pending invite from the list.


  • Better handling if you try to access Admin on a very small screen.
  • Cleaned up the button click-targets for Adding a new Survey Question
  • Removed some unnecessary arrows in the Integration Admin features drawer.


Released December 14, 2021 in the App Store and Play Store

This update brings major improvements to many aspects of Reach for both users and admins including a beautifully redesigned, faster, easier-to-use Person screen and a brand new approach to Contact Information which is more flexible, useful, and secure.

For Users

  • We have completely redesigned the Person screen. This is the screen you see when interacting with a voter/member/person in the app. The new tabbed design is faster and easier to use, with tons of new features and improved flows now available. There is also a new view for this screen when using Reach in the browser or on tablets. Some features of the new screen include:
    • A new Contact Info tab letting you take advantage of all the new features mentioned in the next section.
    • Separate tabs for Survey Questions and Linked Campaign Survey Questions.
    • New colored-background in the header indicates the person’s response to your Primary Question
    • New Location tab gives you an easy view of the current person’s address, edit it if needed, and browse a list of other people at that address right there on the same screen.
    • New Voting History tab gives you a glanceable view of how this person has voted in the past, when available.
    • It’s easier than ever to add and remove tags from a person.
    • You can add someone to your Network right from the header, faster than before.
  • The way Contact Information is stored in Reach is all new. Some of the new features include:
    • Store and see multiple phone numbers and email addresses on a person
    • Choose whether or not you want to share the contact info you add to Reach with your campaigns
    • Distinguish between contact info provided by your campaign, versus items you’ve added
    • Mark campaign-provided contact information as wrong, give it a thumbs up, or opt it out of hearing from the campaign,
    • Choose which phone number or email address to use every time you contact a person
    • Choose and apply custom labels to each piece of contact information
  • You can add more than one piece of contact information when creating a Reach Add
  • You can choose contact information privacy settings when importing your contacts.
  • You can now more reliably use the keyboard when interacting with pop-ups by typing Enter or Escape to take action.
  • Our pop-ups and dialog boxes are now more accessible to those using screen readers and keyboard-driven interactions.
  • Speed improvements throughout the app
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements when using Offline Data Sets
  • The notification toggle for chat notification on the web app wasn’t working.
  • The notifications and indicator dots for unread chat messages are more reliable.
  • Various other bug fixes throughout the app.

For Admins

  • When creating an Action Card, Reach can now automatically send a push notification to your users to promote it and direct them to it.
  • Action Cards can now be targeted so they are only visible to specific users or groups of users.
  • When generating exports, Reach can now email you to let you know a long-running export is done and include a link to let you download it directly from the email.
  • It is now possible to remove your Primary Question entirely.
  • It is now possible to have multiple question sets active at the same time.
  • Relationship Types are no longer editable per campaign, so the Network Admin Screen has been removed.
  • The link to edit your user profile from the admin header was broken. It has been removed and replaced with a quick link to exist Admin.
  • Long strings like URLs in the content of an Action Card could break the layout of the admin screen.
  • In some cases, you could not properly select tags when setting up a People export.


Released December 1 2021 over the air

For Users

Nothing in this version

For Admins

  • The Network Admin screen has been removed. Relationship Types are no longer editable on a campaign-by-campaign basis.
  • This version includes several changes to export formats to support upcoming features of Reach. The changes are outlined below and full data schema documentation of the new formats can be found here.

Contact Actions Export

  • There are three new types of contact actions:
    • Opt Out
    • Up Vote
    • Mark as Wrong
  • New columns to include which piece of contact info was used in the action. Note that contact info will only appear in this export if it has been shared with your campaign by the user:
    • Contact Info ID: A unique ID for the contact info used in the action. 
    • Contact Info Category: Will be “email” or “phone”
    • Contact Info Label: Will be the user-provided label for the contact info
    • Phone Country Code: Will only be used for the “phone” category and for now, will always be “1”
    • Contact Info Value: The actual email or phone number itself
  • The old Person Phone Number and Person Email Address columns are dropped.

People Export

  • Previously, the People export included the most recently-added phone number and email address for each person. Now, it is becoming a bit smarter and will take into account which contact info we believe to be the most accurate for each person, based on signals from Reach users. Contact info will only be included here if it comes from a pre-loaded data source your campaign has access to, or was added by a user who shared it with your campaign.
  • There will be an additional column called Phone Country Code for phone number country codes, and for now, it will always be “1” for rows with a phone number.
  • We have added some new columns to tell you whether the phone and email address we’re including have been opted-out from your campaign and where the data comes from. The new columns are:
    • Phone Source: Will be a string telling you the name of the data source that the contact info comes from. May be “User-Added”
    • Email Source: Will be a string telling you the name of the data source that the contact info comes from. May be “User-Added”
    • Phone Opt-Out: Either “true” or “false”
    • Email Opt-Out: Either “true” or “false”
  • We are changing the name of the Auto-Applied Tag column to Source Tag.

Relationships Export

  • We have added a Phone Country Code column
  • We are changing the name of the Auto-Applied Tag column to Source Tag.

Tag History Export

  • We have added a Phone Country Code column.

Contact Info Export

We’re adding a brand new export type. This includes all contact info for people in you campaign which has been added by your users and shared with your campaign. Fields include:

  • External ID
  • Reach ID
  • Created Timestamp
  • Updated Timestamp
  • Added by User ID
  • Added by User Name
  • Person First Name
  • Person Last Name
  • Contact Info ID
  • Category
  • Label
  • Phone Country Code
  • Value
  • Opt-Out