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So your campaign is live on Reach? Congratulations!

One you have made your account and logged into Reach, here are some things you’ll want to do so your team can gather responses right away:

  1. Access the Admin Dashboard. This is where all the action happens. Learn more about this here.
  2. Add users. There are 2 ways to add users to your campaign:
    1. Any member of a campaign can add users by mobile phone number. To accomplish this, simply open the Reach app and tap your campaign name to get to the Campaign Manager screen. Then, tap the “Add User” button under your campaign name and enter a phone number. From there, you will see a message that they have been added (huzzah!). That person will soon receive a SMS notification alerting them that they have been added to your campaign.
    2. If you’re using Reach Complete and want to add lots of users quickly, you can Generate an Invite Code and distribute it to your volunteers/staffers. More about that here.
  3. Promote some of your new users to Admins. If you want to let other users access the Admin Dashboard, you can promote their accounts to make them Admins or Co-Owners of the campaign. They need to join the campaign first using one of the methods above, then you can promote them on the Manage Users screen.
  4. Edit your campaign details. Make sure everything about your campaign is properly configured on the Campaign Details Screen.
  5. Customize the Questions you’re asking. All the survey questions in Reach are totally customizable. Learn about Survey Questions.
  6. Train and engage users. Reach is only as good as the people using it and the organizers behind it. Check out our blog for ten Reach engagement tactics you can try.
  7. Export your data. Once you’ve started getting responses, it’s time to export them to make full use of them in your CRM. More about that here.

Happy Reaching!

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Last Updated On May 17, 2019