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Getting Started as a Reach Admin

Your campaign is live on Reach. Congratulations!

Once you have created your account and logged onto Reach, you’ll want to do the following things so your team can gather responses right away:

Customize Your Campaign

Before getting your volunteers out and Reaching, it’s time to set up some of the campaign basics!

  1. Access the Admin Dashboard. This is where you control your campaign. Click here to learn more about the Dashboard.
  2. Edit your campaign settings. Make sure everything about your campaign is properly configured on the Campaign Settings screen.
  3. Customize the survey questions you’re asking. All the survey questions in Reach are totally customizable. Learn about Survey Questions.
  4. Create some tags. Tags are a great way to let your users add more information or categorization to people they reach. Add and edit your campaign tags on the Tags Admin screen.
  5. Create action cards for your Home Screen. Build a digital volunteer hub by creating action cards that link to different parts of Reach, as well as external resources on your Action Cards screen. Try some “Post” cards and some “Task” cards which your users can check off to mark as complete. Once you’ve created some inspiring and helpful action cards, be sure to turn on your Home Screen at the bottom of your Campaign Settings Screen and set some greeting text!
  6. Write some contact scripts. Your users can get in touch with people in your campaign data by using pre-filled messages you’ve created in your Contact Scripts screen. They’ll see these scripts when they tap either the “Message” or “Email” Contact Actions on a person’s profile page.
  7. Customize your Network. If you’re on Reach Complete or Reach Movement, you can head to the Network screen to create custom relationship types your users can utilize when adding people to their Network in Reach. Think a bit about what relationship types you want to collect data on. You may choose to leave it at just one type (like the default “Friend” type) to let your users add relationships as quickly as possible without having to think about it.
  8. Add a Logo for your organization. Your logo is gorgeous, right? Show it off and give your users a nice branded experience. Head over to Organization Details screen to upload a square logo and a rectangular logo. Don’t forget to flip the switch to show the logo in the app if you’re on a Complete or Movement subscription. Keep in mind that only Campaign Owners can access Organization Details to add a logo.

Set Up Your Team

Now that you’ve customized your campaign to your heart’s content, it’s time to get some users into Reach so they can start organizing.

  1. Add users. You can add users to your campaign in the following two (2) ways:
    • Any member of a campaign can add users by adding their mobile phone number. To do this, simply open the Reach app and tap the person icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen and enter their phone number. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a message stating that they were added (huzzah!). That person will soon receive a SMS notification alerting them that they have been added to your campaign. You can also add users from your Users screen in the admin dashboard.
    • If you’re using Reach Complete or Reach Movement and want to add lots of users quickly, you can create Invite Codes and Invite Links and distribute them to your volunteers/staffers. More about that here.
  2. Manage your user roles. If you want to let other users access the Admin Dashboard, you can promote their accounts to make them Admins or Co-Owners of the campaign. They need to join the campaign first using one of the methods above, then you can promote them on the Manage Users screen.
  3. Send out some campaign announcements. You can send out alerts to all of your users that have push notifications enabled for Reach. You can create and manage your push notifications in your Notifications Admin screen.
  4. Talk to your users directly. Be sure to say hi to all of your new users in the Reach app in your Chat tab! You can manage your chat settings for your campaign in your Campaign Settings screen.

Manage Your Data

Now that you’ve started collecting some data, it’s time to put that data to work!

  1. Export your data. Once you’ve started getting responses, it’s time to export them to make full use of them in your CRM. More about that here.
  2. Manage your integrations. If you’re on Reach Complete or Reach Movement, you can set up integration instances that send data collected in Reach to external services (like NGP VAN) in real time! More on setting up integrations here.

Note: If you’re on a trial, you won’t be able to access the data management screens in the admin dashboard. Once you’re on a paid plan, you’ll be able to export your data and start setting up integrations!

Get Your Volunteers Reaching!

  1. Train and engage users. Reach is only as good as the people using it and the organizers behind it. Check out our blog for our guide to hosting a volunteer training, as well as ten Reach engagement tactics you can try.
  2. Give users lots of resources. If some of your users need extra help, we have a full scale Knowledge Base they can access for screen-by-screen walkthroughs of the user-facing app.
  3. Share some organizing ideas. We have lots of resources available to walk through different organizing strategies, including using Reach for relational organizing, as well as organizing during social distancing.

Happy Reaching!

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