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Language Support, Translation and Internationalization

¡Reach está en español!
Reach est désormais en français !

Reach was born in Queens, NY, where more languages are spoken per capita than anywhere else in the world. Plus, we know that the amazing organizers using Reach around the country are working in many languages to connect with voters in every community. Because of this, we have built the Reach User Interface to support an unlimited number of languages. We currently maintain English, Spanish, and French translations, but we have a fully featured translation web portal available allows us to gather, manage, and launch new translations quickly and easily.

How can languages get added to Reach?

If there is a language that is important to your campaign, and you can provide someone to do the translations, we can help make that language available to your users. Just let us know by emailing [email protected] and we will onboard your translators to the translation portal and walk them through the process of completing the translations.

How do I select my language when using Reach?

When each new user creates their account, they’ll get to pick which language they want to use Reach in (it will default to the language of their device) and then the entire Reach user interface, from buttons to tabs to input labels to description text, will be in their preferred language. This basically means every bit of text that comes from Reach and not from the campaign itself. Existing users can always edit their user profile to change their language selection by tapping on their avatar in the top right and then tapping on their name.

What gets translated?

The entire Reach user interface in the user-facing app is translated. This includes all buttons, tabs, text prompts, labels, placeholder text, etc.

Your language setting will also change how dates are ordered and displayed in Reach.

What does not get translated?

All user-created content like action cards, tags, survey questions, group names, push notifications, etc will appear to your users in whatever language you use when creating it. You are free to use whatever language you like.

Hint: If you have users working in multiple specific languages and want your content available in the proper language, one clever way to achieve this is to create User Groups for your users who are working in a specific language, Spanish, for example. Then, you can have a Spanish version of your Survey Questions and Spanish versions of your Action Cards which appear only to those users. You can even filter your user list in Users Admin by language so you can see which languages your users are using and you can add them to the appropriate groups from there.

The Reach Admin dashboard is not currently translated. Relationship Types are also not yet translated but can be customized per campaign upon request.

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