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Thanks for using Reach. We’re glad you’re here! This article will help you get started so you can make the biggest possible impact for your campaign.


In order for any campaign to be successful, it needs to learn about, connect with, and activate as many supporters as possible. Reach makes accomplishing this easier than ever before.

While every campaign uses Reach differently, the heart of Reach’s utility is simple: it enables you to search within a contact file and instantly record the data and feedback people offer, wherever and whenever you meet them.

Some example uses of Reach from past campaigns:

  • Canvassing in high-traffic public places. Street corners, subway platforms, farmers markets, little league games, church gatherings, or even dog parks are prime spaces to connect with people. Deputize Reach users within these popular areas and have them talk to as many folks as possible.
  • While Door-Knocking. So often, when you knock on doors to canvass, the person who answers the door is not who you were expecting. Don’t let that stop you! Ask the person who answered the door if you can find them in your contact database to record their support.
  • While phone-banking or P2P texting. Texting the wrong number shouldn’t mean the end of a good conversation. Just ask the person who responded to you if they also support your campaign. Then, look them up in Reach to record their data. If someone you’re texting says, “my wife and kids are also supporting XYZ,” use our Household Search tool to gather responses from the whole family.
  • Event Check-In. Use Reach at the entrance to events and gather responses from everyone who comes through the door. This is a great way to make the most out of every event and voter contact.
  • Throughout normal life. Canvassing shouldn’t be limited to pre-planned shifts assigned by the campaign. With Reach. canvassing can happen anywhere and at any time! Whether you’re in line at the grocery store, folding clothes alongside neighbors at the laundromat, or schmoozing with your Uber driver, try to Reach them.

The sky is the limit. Every campaign finds new and exciting ways to use Reach that we’ve never even imagined. Have you come up with a unique way to Reach people? Let us know about it so we can add it to the list!

First Steps

If you’re new to Reach and don’t know where to begin, then don’t worry! We’ve designed Reach to be very simple and straightforward. You’ll get the hang of it right away!

Here are some pointers to get you started:

  1. Reach can be used on your desktop browser *and* phone! Make sure you download the app and make your account.
  2. Search your campaign’s database with Reach’s Search screen. Use as much or as little information as you have.
  3. Check out the Rankings screen to see how your canvassing efforts stack up against your peers’. Can you get to the top of today’s leaderboard? How about the top of the all-time leaderboard?
  4. Reach for more than one campaign. You can be added to multiple campaigns and switch between them from the Campaign Manager screen.
  5. Add more users! The more Reach users you add, the more the app will spread, and the easier it will be for your campaign to gather all the data it needs to succeed. You can add anyone as a user by entering their mobile phone number from the Campaign Manager screen.

Happy Reaching!

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Last Updated On January 06, 2019