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My Account Screen

If you tap the icon and campaign name on the top left corner of any screen, you will arrive at the My Account screen (or, if you’re a member of multiple campaigns, you’ll see a campaign list dropdown, and should tap My Account at the bottom). This is where you can manage your profile, switch between various campaigns you have been added to, join a campaign with an invite code, and manage actions and notifications for your current campaign.

Joining a Campaign

If you have received an Invite Code to a particular campaign, you can tap the blue ‘+’ button next to ‘Join a Campaign’ to enter that invite code and join the campaign. Keep in mind that invite codes do expire and do run out of slots, so get on it! If you don’t have an invite code, ask someone who is already Reaching for that campaign to invite you (more on adding users here).

Campaign Cards

You can browse all of your active campaigns, and see their logo, their State, Office, District, and election date, and visit their website right from the Campaign card. You’ll see a green box around the edges of the campaign you’re currently Reaching for. If you want to switch to a different campaign, you can just tap that campaign name to bounce you out of the My Account screen and directly into that campaign.

My Profile

Tap your name at the top of the screen to take you into your Profile page. Here, you can log out of the Reach app, or tap the Edit button to update your details. You can change your first and last name, email address, and even upload a profile picture (or take a new one) to use on the Rankings page and in Chat! Remember, any pictures you upload should adhere to Reach’s Terms of Use and any community guidelines from your campaign – keep it PG y’all!

A Note about who is in the People export

Anyone who has been Contacted or has had a Survey Response recorded will appear in the People export. Anyone who has only been Tagged will show up in the Tag History export, but not the People export.

Campaign Actions and Notifications

Tap the ‘ … ‘ button next to a campaign to bring up a list of actions you can take for that campaign, including:

  • Add User to Campaign: Any member of a campaign can add new users to a campaign by their phone number with this button. Learn more about adding users here.
  • Donate to Campaign: This will bring you to an external website where you can donate to the campaign. If you feel like it, throw them some extra support!
  • Email Campaign: Ask the organization directly for help or pass along suggestions. If you have feedback from canvassing or ideas for how they might want to structure their survey questions in Reach, hit them up here. If you have feedback about Reach itself, we’d always love to hear from you at
  • Leave Campaign: If you do choose to leave a campaign, you will still have a Reach account, but you will need to be re-added to the campaign or to another campaign to continue having any fun.
  • Manage Your Notifications: Here, you can toggle your notification settings for Campaign Announcements, Chat Messages, and Chat Mentions, or turn off notifications for that campaign altogether. If you’ve turned off notifications for the Reach app, don’t worry! You’ll see a big blue button you can to go to your phone’s settings, and turn on notifications for Reach so you can keep up-to-date. Learn more about setting up notifications for your iPhone here or Android here.

Inactive Campaigns

If you are a member of a campaign that stops using Reach, you will see it listed in a new expandable drawer called “Inactive Campaigns” and you won’t be able to make it active. You can leave it if you must, but better to just let it hang out there in your inactive list so that if the campaign activates again, you’ll be all ready to hit the streets. After all, what if your candidate decides to shock everyone and run as an independent? It could happen.

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