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Shared Galleries

The Shared Galleries admin screen is where you can browse for galleries that have been shared with you both other campaigns and subscribe to them so users of your campaign can see and interact with those galleries and the assets within them.

Shared Gallery Browser

Open the Shared Gallery Browser by clicking the “Browse Shared Galleries” button. From this browser, you will be able to see all the galleries which have been shared with you by other campaigns. Some of these may be shared by another campaign in your organization with all campaigns in the organization, some may be shared specifically with you, and some may be shared with all Reach campaigns. You can filter and sort this list.

If you find a gallery you’re interested in, you can click on it to expand it and see a preview of some of the assets it contains. If it looks good to you, you can click the “Subscribe to Shared Gallery” button and the gallery will be added to your campaign.

Once you have some shared galleries, you can click into them, but because you do not own the gallery, you cannot edit most things about it or the assets within in. The only thing you can edit will be the status of the shared gallery. If you set the status to Inactive, your users will no longer see the gallery in the app. You can also click through to the assets within the shared gallery, but once again you cannot edit them. Still, you can browse the content actions, content reviews, and shared feedback your users have added to those assets. Keep in mind that the owner of the shared gallery can also see these data about interactions your users are having with the assets from their shared gallery.

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