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Ideal Reach Fields

These are the fields we’d recommend you include in the voter file you upload to Reach:

Note: If you are exporting data from VAN, the first step is to Create a List before exporting. Be sure to remove ALL suppressions from your list except for “Exclude Deceased”. Do not suppress data based on Registration Status, Good Voting Address, Good Mailing Address, etc.

External IDs
  • CRM ID (VANID, PDI ID, NationBuilder Signup ID, DWID, etc)
  • State ID
  • Any other UIDs (county, etc)
  • Name Prefix
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Name Suffix

Broken into as many separate fields as possible. If you’re exporting from VAN make sure to select “Voting Address (Separate Fields)” as opposed to “Voting Address (Single Field)“.

  • House Number
  • Fractional House Number
  • Pre Street Name Direction
  • Street Name
  • Street Type
  • Post Street Name Direction
  • Unit Type
  • Unit Number
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Contact Information

  • Phone Numbers with type/label
  • Email Address with type/label
Other Core Fields
  • Birth Date (with 4-digit years). If unavailable, Birth Year is sufficient, but not Age
  • Gender
Voter Info
  • Political Party
  • Registration Status
  • Registration Date
  • Last Voted Date
  • Voting History from past elections, including methods and party primaries when possible
  • County Name
  • Congressional District
  • State Senate District
  • State House District
  • County Council District
  • City Council District
  • Precinct
  • Ward
  • Any other districts
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